Yonette Nakamura

Statewide Operations Manager

Ms. Nakamura is a graduate of UH Hilo/HCC in AS Business Management; Montessori Training/Certification from Center for Montessori Teacher Education/New York with additional coursework through Chaminade University. She brings 22 years of business management, team building and practical work experience to her position.

She has served with Tūtū & Me in a number of capacities including teaching assistant, temporary Site Manager/Assessments, Site Manager, and Statewide Assessment Specialist Coordinator.

Ms. Nakamura also brings the experience of number of training workshops and conferences in continuing education and program development, and has acquired certification from CSEFEL in Promoting the Social and Emotional Competence of Young Children, and by Bank Street College - New York as a trainer of their observational assessment tool.