Fantastic Gymnastics at Tūtū and Me Maui

Tūtū and Me Traveling Preschool - (Mon) December 19, 2016

November was a month of appreciation, being grateful for what we have and also about the importance of living healthy lives. One way to live healthy is by exercising. We are thankful for the opportunity to experience the Diane Gymnastic Academy. Our families enjoyed a fun filled workout of jumping, tumbling and balancing.

The day started off with a light warm up to get our bodies ready for exercise. Aunty Diane of the Academy said, “Warming up is important because it prevents injuries!” After completing the warmup, our families were split into two groups and moved on to the obstacle courses. The courses consisted of balancing on beams, falling into pits, hanging from parallel bars and finally joining back together with a parachute activity.

Many of our caregivers commented on how great the program was and how their keiki loved the different activities that Aunty Diane and her trainers provided. The day ended with a great workout and knowing that exercise is an important part of our daily routine.  How grateful we are for our healthy bodies!