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Hui Ho‘omalu - (Tue) May 26, 2015

Ka_fb_post Allene Uesugi with her two fosterchildren.

This week on Ke ʻAno we've invited Resource Caregiver, Allene Uesugi, to join us on the show as we wrap up National Foster Care Month. Allene has an incredible story to share, because she has fostered over 300 children in the past 30 years. For a while, she and her husband were contracted by the State of Hawaii to operate their home as an emergency shelter for children in need of foster care. This meant that their home was open to receive new residents at a moments notice 24/7 365 days a year.

Whether they stayed for a couple months or even more than a year, Allene and her husband understood that each child was not in their situation by choice but rather circumstance. Together, with their loving and caring hearts, Allene and her husband provided the love, nurture, and support each of their children desperately needed at such a fragile point in their life.

We are looking for more Resource Caregivers like Allene. The need for foster care in Hawaiʻi is great, and you can help make a difference. Please take a look at our Hui Hoʻomalu website to learn more about how you can get involved today.