Foster Care in Hawaii

Hui Ho‘omalu - (Tue) May 12, 2015



When it comes to the duty and responsibility of foster care, it's like the beginning of a love story; a developing journey, and it's not easy, it's actually really hard. There's lots of drama involved and the life of a resource caregiver sometimes seems to be a never-ending narrative of heartache and injustice. But Hui Hoʻomalu goes the distance to make life easier for those who are willing to welcome a foster child in need of family.

There are more than 1,300 children in the state of Hawaii alone that are waiting for someone to provide the love and support that they desperately need as such a critical point in their life. Our staff is committed to walk alongside you to help you complete the process so that you can give a foster child the opportunity to have a better life.

Remember: you don't have to be the perfect parent to be a resource caregiver. There are many foster children that would love the privilege to be a part of your family. The beginning of your journey and love story awaits. Visit our website to learn how you can help make a difference today.