PIDF Helping to Restore a Koa Forest

PIDFoundation - (Mon) December 16, 2013

 E ola koa… Live a long life, like a koa tree
(‘Olelo No‘eau

Partners In Development Foundation has embarked on a fundraising initiative that will bring much needed resources to our programs, while at the same time, help to restore a thousand acres of koa forest on the island of Hawai’i. In partnership with the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, we are participating in their “Plant A Legacy Tree” program where interested individuals may purchase a Koa Legacy Tree at a cost of $60, of which $20 will come to our Foundation. Just fill out the Sponsor Form and add Partners In Development Foundation in the window that asks which non-profit you would like to donate to. In this way we plant for a sustainable future for both our forests and those that we serve.